Dr Phil destroys Gamer boy

a Sun’s video game addiction leave me

alone crosses the line who do you think

you’re talking to

video games we all love them some love

them too much you don’t love them too

much do you today in Dr Phil Dr Phil vs

gamer boy don’t pretend you’re better

than this kid I know you’ve all been


all right well let’s check it out guess

what he wants by bullying us and

terrorizing this house Nico has threaten

to kill us taking back control Jesus


that’s not gamer rage I don’t know what

it is you’re not going to school so

you’re basically just sleeping wait they

actually got him into the studio that’s

impressive that’s a

what’s this price

I’ve been doing YouTube wrong I need a

studio people hyping me up when I do a

video yeah I just get a bunch of

comments saying first this sucks I want


basically drop out of school

so he has time to play video games 17

hours a day


bro I get tired after like an hour

his mom even has to negotiate with him

to take a shower that’s normal for

gamers it’s tough out there

really playing into all the stereotypes

here doesn’t want to shower

all right he can’t be that bad all right

let’s check out this kid I asked you

hours ago to clean up that mess

what’s going on

damn now seems like a nice

well-developed child Nico can get so

angry he will destroy everything in the

house anything in his path anything that

Nico can get his hands on it’s Christ

we’ll get destroyed

but he’s not destroying the uh


I guarantee you that

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dummy thank you very much for watching

this video and let’s get on with it I

take him off the internet and he

immediately starts throwing things and

breaking things and it’s cost us

thousands of dollars replacing

everything that he’s broken oh he did

break the control his controller if I

don’t give him what he wants I’m gonna

a child has a gaming problem and breaks

his controller just don’t get another

control is that this feels like a very

solvable problem eh

you’re enabling this child he wants to

be a YouTuber when he gets older

I couldn’t Force Nico to get up and go

another Dr Phil child that wants to be a

YouTuber I feel weird about this I hate

that that’s the case I’ve ruined

generations of children’s and


anything else don’t do it run with UK

it’s not worth it I want to become a

YouTuber so I can play even more video

games he’s a very large child

image of me more now because he knows

that I’m disabled I’m in a wheelchair

and there’s not much I can do they’ll

strike out and he’ll hit me physically

I’m no match for him he’s a big kid is

that a fortnight pillow

I was just thinking I wonder where he’s

playing that makes him like 17 hours a

day he’s definitely playing fortnite

Nico begs and bags and begs to get what

he wants can I please just get 3.99 no I

shouldn’t even have to bribe you to take

a shower I should I can’t understand him


well that is I don’t want to know what

he’s asking


once give the man give the man what he

wants it’s very simple bang the phone

again and I take it away from you

take your showers I can’t you physically

can’t it’s impossible so in the end I

allowed him to get the small things that

he wanted

um and he’s going to take a shower so

you gave him what he wanted and he he

couldn’t even he couldn’t even take a

shower oh my God

four hours late it’s now 3 45 and you

promised me at 2 30 you would take a

shower I forgot well I’m reminding you

is parenting this hard I mean the child

is clearly horrible but I mean you can’t

even make him get take a shot

self permission

to speak to your parents in a

disrespectful way well there had to be

some point at which you said you’re not

so tough now are you a little gamer boy

mother father or tell my father I’m

going to stab you tonight

Choice it’s interesting how as soon as

Dr Phil comes out they’re just like the

amount of disrespect for the parents in

their home in front of camera but in a

studio like

you were saying I don’t demean her I

don’t tell her she’s worthless but you

do call her effect

when I get mad I don’t think and I it

just comes out would that be a yes yes

okay but you you want to play some

Antics with me that you don’t tell her

she’s worthless you just tell her she’s

a fast message


she’s recording you Dad you better not

hit me she’s recording you so apparently

the dad is only home two hours a day

because he works the whole day I mean I

would probably work a little extra if

that’s the house I had to come home to

him but and he gets so angry he blacks

out it’s really weird

I pass out probably in the beginning

it’s so enraged

get off me I guess my body can’t handle

it anymore and then I hit the floor

there you go it’s super weird it could

range I’ve been out 30 minutes for 45

minutes are you okay no what

I have no memory of what happens when I

pass out I don’t know I don’t remember

all right so here we are in the studio

the child made it I think makes you

first time you get I honestly don’t know

when you’re

screaming at her and yelling moms and

threatening to smash her in the face

with your controller how do you feel

afterwards I feel really bad about it

I’m not buying it not buying it let’s

take a look at this game of race


leave me alone Nico leave

I’m like too cringe for me I don’t know

did you give yourself permission to

speak to your parents in a disrespectful



that’s fine man okay

Nico has charged over four thousand

dollars on her credit card for gaming

tokens she says and face zero


uh I’m wondering why we’ll talk about

that when we come back yeah what the


they’re very solvable problems that

reminds me of that one clip or Dr Phil

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congratulations to both of you God it

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most garbage mobile game ever and you

just they’re just throwing a ton of

money on you and I’m like how am I gonna

promote this there’s just no way I can

pretend this game was even fun but uh Dr

Phil pulled it up she loved the graphics

because it’s really animated and fun

and uh both of you are really good at

the game and that makes you it’s okay

anyway what would have to happen for

there to be peace in your house from

your standpoint


probably just letting me play my video

games whenever I want oh yeah that

that’ll fix the problem yes right you

played 17 hours a day your problem is

playing More by fixing it by playing

More in Jesus Christ dude I love the

mother complains about our son being

entitled and disrespectful and then tell

us that that just stop punishing the

sums for his action well it looks like

this the guy is actually physically uh

gonna hit him I don’t know Sweden that’s

illegal you can’t just uh there’s got to

be a better way man

I love how he thinks that’s gonna fix it

yeah yeah so you wouldn’t be expected to

do any chores you wouldn’t be expected

to go to school and get an education

you just want to be rolled up in a

blanket playing a video game no I’m not

just playing what I would do school yeah

and stuff sure

you’re not doing that though right no

you’re not are you crying now stinks

stink gamer go take a shower I do have a

plan and the plan right multi-sided

and multi-layered and I think you are

going to be shocked at what I think

needs to happen here he needs to

download solitary grain Harvest it’s a

fun relaxing game with cute animals that

is good for your brain

uh it’d be so funny if I took their

sponsorship and I got paid to promote my

god oh that would have been so good

to be here in the audience today and

that’s Shane Gallagher

sharing is the executive director of

Windgate Wilderness therapy so the ranch

oh absolutely you could say that Nico

needs a device detox so he will

absolutely be detoxed not just from he

won’t have access to electronics but the

Mind patterns are going to be changed

because he’s going to be in a natural

environment so circadian rhythms all of

these things that cicading rhythms

excuse me what what is his therapy I

mean I agree he probably needs a detox

that’s for sure


wait what he passed out it happened

again oh my God he gets either enraged

or stressed and goes unconscious are you

here oh my God

get out of it

actually spoke in The Green Room

has given us an amazing gift we could

never hope to achieve you’re gonna be

going to this facility where you’re

gonna have an amazing time you just

don’t know it yet is that cool can I

bring my Xbox

are you gonna be out in nature wait

don’t go away You’re Gonna Go with me

have you been paying attention

you’re going to get off your devices and

stop relying on that it’s not enjoying

life again all right you seem open to it

I love you so much and I’m gonna talk to

you soon all right they’re nice to each

other now cool maybe this hasn’t

happened ending after a while bye buddy

needs it

wait after only nine days nigga’s

friends no


you were hopeless

why why


is cool yeah it’s not gonna kill you oh

my God

I guess I mean I guess you get weak as a

parent not me strong Ah that’s

unbelievable so nothing get resolved

here today hope you guys enjoyed that I

think a lot of people struggle with this

when like kids playing games and they

don’t know how to how to deal with that

I think there’s a lot of kids like that

especially once you become YouTubers or

I want to become a professional gamer so

therefore I have to play video games all

day I swear I need to 17. clearly the

child is not happy either even though he

gets exactly what he wants he’s just

stay home play video games you’d think

you know he’d be at least respectful to

his parents or do the minimal if I was

in school right and my parents said hey

you don’t have to go to school but like

you have to like take a shower once a

day I’d be like

you’re asking for too much like I can’t

do that this is ridiculous I can relate

a little bit because like my parents did

not want me to play video games at all

because they thought it was like making

me not social or um yeah I don’t know I

guess they didn’t like it but I guess

what they didn’t understand is like all

my friends in class we were playing

games together online I just think

parents maybe don’t realize like how

kids can interact with it I think just

limiting it it’s the way to go just like

if you do this you get to play this

amount of time and then there’s no

leverage on that on that time you can

spend it as you want but once that

time’s up it’s up there’s more to life

than just one thing all right video

games is not that important uh you

realize that when you get older but you

can teach a child that when they’re

younger you know doesn’t mean they can’t

do it at all right I hope you guys

enjoyed this video if you did you know

what to do don’t forget to check out the


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