Season of Youth audio novel

한국 소설가 나도향의 소설 중 젊은이의 시절(1922), 별을 안거든 우지나 말걸(1922), 옛날 꿈은 창백하더이다(1922) 세 단편을 엮은 모음집입니다. (요약 최은주) This collection of three short stories by Na Do-hyang contains his well known early writings “Season of Youth” (Jeolmeuniui sijeol) and “Do Not Cry Should You Embrace a Star” (Byeoreul angeodeun uljina malgeol).

Season of Youth audio novel download below link

Download “https___archive.org_download_short_stories_na_1412_librivox_shortstories_1_na_64kb.mp3”

https___archive.org_download_short_stories_na_1412_librivox_shortstories_1_na_64kb.mp3 – Downloaded 398 times – 12.80 MB

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