symptoms of pregnancy

Identify the symptoms of pregnancy

The gestation period is from conception to birth.
It is not possible to determine whether a woman is pregnant at once in the early days.
Symptoms of pregnancy
Body weight
The tiring nature of the body
Stopping the menstrual cycle of a woman who is menstruating regularly
Morning vomiting, nausea
Liking the sour taste

Changes in the breasts. The area around the breast gradually darkens, enlarges and swells.

Gradual enlargement of the abdomen

Changes in sensory perception

Ex: – Sensing unpleasant odors as unpleasant

That of satisfaction

Although not all of the above symptoms occur, they occur in more or less every pregnancy.Confirmation of pregnancy

If you have these symptoms or have stopped menstruating, a urine test can easily confirm pregnancy.

If you dream of having a healthy intelligent child …

Be happyMinor body aches and pains during pregnancy can be taken seriously and artificial insemination should be avoided as much as possible to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.

It is also the responsibility of all other members of the family to maintain a relationship that promotes the emotional well-being of the expectant mother. Here the love and care of the husband is very important for the health of the mother as well as the child.

Take care of the food
It is also important to have a nutritious and balanced diet during pregnancy. Milk, grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, small fish, eggs, etc. should be included in the diet. It is also important to avoid artificial and fast foods, flavorings and coloring foods as much as possible.

It is natural to have a special liking for certain things during pregnancy. It is also known as “Doladuka”. Ayurveda recognizes that satisfying these cravings is important for having a healthy baby.

Stay clean
During pregnancy it is more important to take care of cleanliness than ever before. Take a shower daily unless you have a specific illness. For this purpose, boiled water using betel leaves, cardamom leaves, nika leaves, pawatta leaves, vetiver, sandalwood etc. is more suitable.

They can prevent many pains and discomforts during pregnancy. Also wear clean clothes. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your underwear, especially after going to the bathroom. Nicely comb your hair. Be comfortable.

Choose the right clothes
Wear light blue clothes that do not stick to the body. Wear shoes with flat soles.

Sleep well
Get about 8 to 10 hours of sleep during pregnancy. Get about an hour of rest in the evening. Excessive sleep during this time is not recommended.
Maintain good oral health
Be more careful than usual to keep your mouth clean. Be aware of dental and gum disease. Seek medical advice if necessary.

Excessive exercise, weight lifting, etc. are not recommended during this time. Also, you do not need to rest or sleep often unless you have a specific medical condition or a doctor’s prescription.

Engage in normal household chores as usual.

Take care of the breasts
Breasts gradually enlarge during pregnancy. So choose clothes that are not too tight. Sometimes there is a discharge of fluid from your nipples. It is a common condition that can often be seen during pregnancy. If so, the nipples need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Also, if the nipples are sunken, grab them by the fingers several times a day and slowly pull them forward. Then your baby can easily suckle.

During the first few months after delivery, gently massage the breasts with essential oils or balm.

Restrict travel
Avoid traveling long distances in moving vehicles. Avoid excessive walking, strenuous activity, falls, bumps, etc.

Stay away from trauma and stress
Avoid tragic moments, scary moments, unpleasant scenes as much as possible. Stop being angry, jealous, angry, crying, thinking too much.

Try as much as possible to avoid diseases
Being sick makes it impossible for you to get food as usual. It is a barrier to your proper nutrition. Also, medications for certain ailments as well as certain ailments are harmful to the unborn baby.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from any particular infectious diseases as well as any other diseases.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco
Although alcohol and tobacco use among Sri Lankan women is relatively low, they are often exposed to secondhand smoke. It is harmful to both mother and baby.

So if you want to make your dream of having a healthy baby come true, it is also important to stay away from people who smoke.

Enjoy nature
Go to the beach, flower garden at leisure. Relax and enjoy the environment with lush greenery, flowers, birds and beautiful views.

It is very important for your mental well-being as well as the mental development of your baby growing in the womb.

Be mindful of the child’s struggles
Be on the lookout for the day you feel the first pregnancy. By 20 weeks the fetus has a firm hand grasp.
Enjoy the music
Enjoy the sweet music without the fuss. Some of these musical instruments contribute to the mental and brain development of the child.

Engage in religious observances
Take a few minutes each day to practice your religion at home. Whenever possible go to places of worship such as temples. That environment keeps you cool.

Righteousness engenders good thoughts. Also, that environment helps the child to develop physically, mentally and intellectually.

Maintaining physical contact
The effects of physical contact during pregnancy vary. There is no problem in having sexual intercourse at the will of the other two unless there is a previous miscarriage or some difficulty in sexual intercourse.

But it is important to limit or avoid physical contact during the first and last 3 months. If you have problems with this, you can get the necessary advice at the clinics.

Get ready to welcome your new baby …
Contemplate this notion as you interact with your child. Decorate the room with flowers, beautiful pictures and beautiful baby pictures.

Talk to the baby growing in the womb. Make love. Sing the hymn.
Arrange what the baby needs, including clothing.
Read books on childcare, child psychology, etc.

A little puppy is a great resource. This puppy is worth more to us than life itself. The same goes for the country. The new citizen of our country is very valuable to the country. Therefore, it is our duty to endow this world with a healthy, intelligent child.

As soon as a woman confirms her pregnancy, she has to go to the village maternity clinic as well as a hospital with specialist facilities.

Attend clinics once a month for up to 28 weeks, once every 2 weeks for 28 to 35 weeks, and then once every 1 week. It is important to follow the instructions given in the clinics and to take the medicines given properly.

Also, do not use any medicine arbitrarily without medical advice and inform the doctor that you are pregnant when you go for treatment for another illness or before going for a medical examination.

Services provided to you by an Ayurvedic Maternity Clinic …
Awareness of motherhood and child rearing and preparing you physically and mentally for pregnancy.
Giving medicines, vitamins and injections required during pregnancy. Especially the Ayurvedic medicines given in those clinics have the potential to improve the health, intelligence and immunity of the child.
constant monitoring of the health status of the pregnant mother as well as the healthy growth of the baby.

Referral of pregnant woman for height, weight, blood pressure, urine, blood test and, if necessary, specialist examination.
Awareness on nutrition and habits and distribution of nutrition packets.
Early detection of risky conditions and disorders and referral to necessary advice and appropriate treatment.
Awareness on exercise routines.
Awareness of what to bring when coming to the hospital.

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